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Son of Waves Screenplay.

"Son of Waves" : A Screenplay / Short Story by Dylan Tauber.

A story with original photography, digital art, and illustration, about Son of Waves, 12 Dolphins to save the planet, David The Visionary on the beach in Tel Aviv, a digital messiah, and an internet of Love.

Released 3/30/18

Release 1.8, 8/31/18

3/15/19 - Flip Book

Download for free:
19,825 downloads as of December, 2020.

5/28/19- Son of Waves Volume 2 - download now for free!

All writing, photographs, digital art, and music, copyright © 2018. All rights reserved by Dylan Tauber.

About Dylan Tauber

Dylan Tauber is an award-winning electronic musician, cyberartist, photographer, and author, who began his prolific career in 1996 after graduating from Columbia University. He built a network of 24 websites, an online photo slide show, and a video gallery, that has attained over 5.7 million page views. He's released two books, three eBooks, 17 music albums , and a picture book of his photography and digital art. His music has been featured on more than 140 radio stations in over 40 countries, reviewed in over 120 music publications, and his music videos have had millions of views on facebook and youtube. Dylan's music video "Love and You Will Live," was shown on Channel 24 music TV in Israel in 2023.

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Name: Dylan Tauber




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"Dylan is like no one I've ever come across. His mind exists on a whole different plane. He's written a short script that's a true representation of his unique heart and soul, which I could easily see, in my mind's eye, as the premise for an animated film or more."

Nimisha S. 4/15/18

Excerpt from a review and interview on BooksDirectOnline, 11/8/18:

Ideal for a short, animated film

Read (or listen to) the story of 21-year-old Son of Waves and his meeting with the new Messiah, David. Learn how, together with a pod of twelve dolphins, the Korean Tae-Kwan-Do team, and a group of Shin Bet bodyguards, they save the world from evil.

This is just a small part of the author's universe, which you can visit via his multiple websites. He displays a powerful imagination and a depth of compassion for mankind. The book is illustrated with his own photographs and digital art, while the audiobook includes his electronic music and art. This screenplay would make a great short, animated film as a vehicle to spread the message of peace and love. "Love and you will live."

Lynda Dickson

"Son of Waves" featured on 12/30/18:

Voice over from India:

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All work © copyright, 2018-2023, by Dylan Tauber / Son of Waves Studios. All rights reserved.

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